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Friday, November 14, 2014

Why I Don't Trust My Government

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"The deterioration of every government begins
with the decay of the principles on which it was founded."

-- Charles-Louis De Secondat



Here's Why I Fear My Government

According to an official U.S. Department of Justice document, citizens are to be treated as potential terrorists and extremists if they have, and I quote:

"instructed themselves on topics ranging from first aid to childbirth to edible plants."

I am not making this up. The official Justice Department document, prepared, printed and distributed at taxpayer expense, is titled Investigating Terrorism and Criminal Extremism.

This document, proudly displaying an official Justice Department logo on its cover, mandates that anyone who has studied the above topics is to be subjected to enhanced scrutiny by criminal investigators, who are directed "to obtain as much information as possible" about such citizens.

This same document goes on. If you consider yourself a "constitutionalist," or a "Christian patriot," or if you identify with the "Tax-Protest Movement" (aka Tea Party), you, too, have been named as a terror threat, per this official 120-page Department of Justice manual. And there are many other examples of how liberty supporting Americans are being classified as "threats" in government documents throughout Washington.

My friend, it's not you and I who are the crazies and extremists, it's the government


The stupidity virus hit a school district in Michigan already…

Seriously: Scientists have identified a virus that makes people stupid. And so far, almost half the people tested have it!





Cheaper fuel prices at the pump have acted like a major tax cut for Americans [many of them stupidly looking to buy gas hog vehicles again]…the US has been spared the worst of Obamanomics,-Washington idiocy this summer but our debt continues to pile up and a deadlocked bottom feeding Congress has done nothing to improve the business hampering regulatory environment.

This past week Brazil announced that it will be building a 3,500-mile fiber-optic cable to Portugal in order to avoid the grip of the NSA.

What’s more, they announced that not a penny of the $185 million expected to be spent on the project will go to American firms, simply because they don’t want to take any chances that the US government will tap the system.

It’s incredible how far now individuals, corporations, and even governments are willing to go to protect themselves from the government of the Land of the Free.

The German government, especially upset by the discovery of US spying within its borders, has come up with a range of unique methods to block out prying ears.

They have even gone so far as to play classical music loudly over official meetings so as to obfuscate the conversation for any outside listeners.

They’ve also seriously contemplated the idea of returning back to typewriters to eliminate the possibilities of computer surveillance.

More practically, the government of Brazil has banned the use of Microsoft technologies in all government offices, something that was also done in China earlier this year.

The Red, White, and Blue Scare has now replaced the Red Scare of the Cold War era. And it comes at serious cost.

From Brazil’s rejection of American IT products alone, it is estimated that American firms will lose out on over $35 billion in revenue over the next two years.

Playing the Economic End Game-the Invisible Hand Which Controls All

Throughout the history of the world special interests have consistently countered its natural development. Governments want to control the economy and make it work for their interests.

Meanwhile, other very prominent thinkers are also warning that an economic nightmare is rapidly approaching.

Economic cycle theorist Martin Armstrong foresees major economic problems in 2015 which will ultimately lead to "civil unrest"  in 2016...

It looks more and more like a serious political uprising will erupt by 2016 once the economy turns down. That is the magic ingredient. Turn the economy down and you get civil unrest and revolution.

And of course there are a whole lot of other economic cycle theorists that are forecasting that we are about to experience a massive economic downturn as well.  What is truly frightening is that we have never even come close to recovering from the last economic crisis.  One poll that was taken just prior to the recent election found that only 28 percent of Americans said that their families were doing better financially.  In addition, here are some more survey numbers about how Americans are feeling about the economy...

According to voter exit polls conducted by CNN, 78% said they are worried about the economy, with 69% saying that, in their view, economic conditions are not good. 65% responded that the country is on the wrong track vs. only 31% who believed that it is headed in the right direction.

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