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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Raising Kangaroos in the USA

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Raising Kangaroos in the USA

People are likely to do a double take when they see Evelyn Engelke out shopping or opening her hymnal at church. It's not Mrs. Engelke they're looking at, but her choice of accessories. Not many people carry around a baby wallaby in a handmade, quilted pouch hanging from their neck.

A baby wallaby, or joey, is quite a conversation piece. But Evelyn Engelke likes it that way. There's nothing she enjoys more than talking about her passion -- hand-raising these miniature kangaroos at her family's home, God's Gift Farm, on the Eastern Shore.

There are already at least 350 breeders raising various species of miniature roos, and estimates are that as many as 1,000 U.S. families own one.

Raising a kangaroo at home isn't something that you can take lightly. In order for you to become an effective pet owner to this exotic animal, you have to prepare yourself through research and studying. Knowing important details about your pet is vital as this will help you deal with it effectively.

Learning about raising a kangaroo basically starts with knowing the background of your exotic animal. Kangaroos are considered as amazing members of the Australian fauna. They are marsupials that are closely related to wallabies, Quokka, wallaroos, and pademelons. All in all, there are around 63 different species of the Macropodidae family in the wild today. Kangaroos are endemic to the lands of Australia. However, some members of this family specifically the smaller marcopods have also been found in New Guinea. They thrive on the landscape of Australia. They're not farmed. Instead, they're sought because of their meat. This animal has become a national symbol for Australia and is often observed on the Australian Coat of Arms, the country's currency, and on the tail of its national airline called the Qantas





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