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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tightward Tues-6 Steps to Stop Blowing a Holiday Budget

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   I've already blown our holiday budget by replacing our sump pump, bathroom faucets, outdoor lighting and timer all within the past 48 hours.  However, being the thrifty guy that I am, I still have enough left over to send McDonald's gift certificates to all...

The National Retail Federation says you’ll probably be $804 poorer after the 2014 holiday season wraps up.

That’s how much the industry group says consumers plan to spend this year. While the lion’s share of that money goes to family, you also expect to spend $80 on friends and $26 on co-workers. Even Fido gets in on the action, with  pet lovers planning to spend $30 on your nonhuman companions.

That’s how much you plan to spend. What about the amount you actually spend?

Behavioral economist Hersh Shefrin says even many of the holiday shoppers who take the time to write a budget, 36 percent of them, will overspend. And for the least accurate budgeters out there, Shefrin found they spent 30 percent more than planned. That means someone with a $804 holiday budget may end up spending $1,045 and end up with a week or two of ramen noodle dinners to make up the difference.

If you struggle to keep your spending under control, you’ll want to watch Money Talks News finance expert Stacy Johnson’s tips in the video below. Then, keep on scrolling for a step-by-step guide to staying on track.



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