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Monday, November 24, 2014

Dozens of Ingenious Ways to Save Time and Money

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13 Ingenious Kitchen Tricks That Will Make You Say “Why Didn’t I Think Of That”

Anything that makes life a little easier sounds good to us and once you’ve discovered these amazing tips and tricks you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!


Peeling, slicing, chilling and preserving, this collection has got it all so you can collect an arsenal of useful skills for the kitchen.


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Shower Door Cleaner

I don't like cleaning shower doors, so I apply Rain-X® to them. I use the same product that I use on my car's windshield. The water and soap scum runs right off, and it saves me a bunch of cleaning time. I reapply it every four months or so.


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Frugal Holiday Gift Ideas
A consumable gift is great for folks who don't need more "stuff." A store in our area sells soup mixes, dried beans, dehydrated vegetable flakes, and other soup ingredients in bulk. I plan to purchase an assortment to pack in baskets. Perhaps I'll include a pretty cloth napkin in the bottom and a wooden spoon attached to the handle with a bow. It will be inexpensive, practical, and appreciated on the cold winter days that will be coming.


Education and skills are things that no one can ever take away from you! You can lose your wonderful job, you can lose all your money and investments, you can lose all your networking connections, but you'll always have what you know how to do for yourself.


5 Ways to Donate Without Spending Money
It may seem that every time you turn around someone is asking for a donation, especially around this time of year. Bells are jingling, charities are calling, and solicitations are coming in the mail. But before you drain your budget on your favorite causes or guilty obligations, consider other options for donating that actually bring a positive result for you as well as those you are helping.


Storing Food - minimizing the loss due to poor methods and expiration dates
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