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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Poor Man's Top Tips for Slashing Your Food Budget

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- Helen Keller


FOOD PRICES CONTINUE TO SKYROCKET – Use these resources and tips to save…


   The average price of ground beef has risen to an all-time high, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in August.  Over the last five years, beef prices have risen a staggering 81 percent!


Droughts in California, Texas and Oklahoma have causes these price spikes and more are expected for fruits and vegetables.  Dairy prices for butter and eggs are the highest I have ever seen [see our previous issues about making your own butter].


These spikes are worrisome especially to low and middle income families which are most likely to pay a larger percentage of their paychecks for groceries.


The steep rise in food prices make it very difficult for many households which are already living paycheck to paycheck.  Various reports indicate that 46 million Americans relied on food stamps and food banks – 25 percent of military families are relying on food charities!  [Yet, the politicians who send them into war live on overly generous compensation packages courtesy the US taxpayer].


With well paying jobs vanishing and soaring food prices, this may become one of the big campaign platforms for the 2016 elections.


Granny Crabapple has included several tips and resources for you to save money.


·         Search for coupons and rebates online.  More and more grocers like are now offering this convenience and will download them to your loyalty or shoppers card.  You can use [click on ‘grocery coupons’].  Online coupons frequently offer longer expiration dates too.  Another site we’ve used:

·         If you don’t already have a membership to Costco or Sam’s Club, shop with friends who do.  Keep in mind, this works best if you have a large family or the space to store foods as quantities are larger.

·         Buy Foods which are in season to save cash.  For a list, visit and click on ‘in season now.

·         Get discount codes and promotions at sites such as:, or,, and others.


Don’t overlook coupons and other savings for products that you can get directly from the manufacturer web site.

 Consider learning how to hunt - a deer or two or turkey can save a lot of money...

Finally, consider starting your own community food co-op to save money.  Find out how here:



Cook more vegetarian meals such as beans, whole grains, eggs and produce which are cheaper…going meatless once a week saved families $80 or more per month.  Look at for recipes.



The Frugal Kitchen: Eggs
I think that many of you out there have the same goals that I do when feeding my family. I do my best to cook from scratch, to provide well-balanced meals and snacks and to do so on a budget, always looking for new recipes, tricks and tips to save in this area (one of the few areas I feel like I can control!). One of the ways I'm trying to accomplish these goals is by really thinking about nutritional items that are inexpensive and diverse in the kitchen. One of my favorites: Eggs
!  Read more.


Resources for Small Space Gardening






More useful and free resources, including canning here:


Just launched the Consumer Wellness Nutrition Grants program, and grant applications are now welcome!

Health Ranger to launch revolutionary EMP-proof technology delivering sustainability breakthroughs for food, water, nutrition and medicine
(NaturalNews) In the first quarter of 2015, I'll be launching a new "low-tech technology" solution that will become an instant must-have among people who want to be more self-reliant. The timing of the Ebola outbreak makes this solution even more urgent...

Freeze overripe fruit.  I routinely keep a bag of bananas in my freezer for which I make banana cakes and breads.  You can also add them to smoothies.


Do more & spend less with the Poor Man’s top tips

 To develop your Self-sufficiency, Homemade & DIY skills…


Creating an affordable backyard firepit
read more here





Not sure what size turkey you need?  For leftovers, plan on 1 to 1.3 pounds person.  To get the best price, grab your turkey during the first two weeks of November.


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