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Friday, October 10, 2014

Why is the little guy in America always getting squeezed?

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  Why is the little guy in America always getting squeezed? 


The fact that the majority of households are losing so much wealth in a time of record-breaking overall wealth demonstrates how systemically corrupt the economy has become.


Americans lack confidence in the government's ability to protect their personal safety and economic security, a sign that their widespread unease about the state of the nation extends far beyond politics, according to the latest Associated Press-GfK poll.


The bi-annual lying games are currently taking place where those who still believe there are two political parties are being misled again from a never-ending stream of special interest funded advertising.

It has become a never ending scam against the taxpayer.

The taxpayer is ALWAYS tapped to bail out Wall Street, Savings and Loans, General Motors and more, yet none of us ever see a dividend.  I don’t buy that ‘it saved jobs’ crap.  A free market would have worked.

Government used to be for the little guy.  It used to stand up for our rights, not cut them.  It used to leave us alone, not bury us in laws, rules and regulations which have left us all economically insolvent.


I believe the social contract which used to exist between government, Wall Street and the worker has been broken.  It started in the 80s when firms like GE began to offshore jobs and dump benefits.


As a result, only be a few classes of workers are doing well:  government workers, who still enjoy nice pensions and health plans, the bankers and political elite.  Perhaps that is why we’ve seen such a dramatic rise in police brutality – they keep the rest of us under foot to ensure their place for doing the bidding of the political elite and its Wall Street masters.


Politics today is a sham and a scam which favors the wealthy.  Take a short trip back in time to Abe Lincoln’s time. His parents would have been kicked out of their homemade cabin by local bureaucratic thugs who would fine them for not being ‘up to code.’  Lincoln couldn’t afford the billion dollars it requires to run a presidential campaign.

The pioneering spirit which made this country great has been killed by unelected, blockheaded bureaucrats.  Odds are we would not have the light bulb or the Model T if today’s job-killing bureaucrats had been in charge back then. 


Navigating Life in the Obama Age

Our government has made everything more complex, and thus more expensive today.  One would think in the computer age it would be the opposite. Perhaps the Obamacare site was our first clue as to how screwed up things could get and how the government shares even our medical data with the IRS and Homeland Security [my toe nail fungus might put our national security in jeopardy].



Today’s media wouldn’t know a hard hitting documentary if it bit them on the ass which is why they never ask the tough questions about how the little guy is getting screwed by the Washington-Wall Street Cartel.

Our antiquated and overly complicated tax code is an example of a do-nothing Congress. While they suck at the public teat they do nothing to create a fair system.

  Corporations used to pay the lion’s share of taxes, but in the 1960s [thanks to the lucrative trade of buying & selling of politicians] that changed.  Even though many US corporations became multi-national and crapped on US taxes by moving offshore but continue to reap the profits from US customers [who continue to lose out because of crap wages, inflation and stupid lawmakers].


Frankly, I’m tired of watching grandstanding politicians from either party lying to the public in their non-stop efforts to remain in power, breaking their arm patting themselves on their back for their so-called public service.



What’s truly worrisome is how many sheep continue to swallow this hook, line and sinker.  As Foxworthy and friends like to say ‘You Can’t Fix Stupid’!

Politicians should come with a warning label:  Voting for me will likely cause financial distress or further loss of your freedoms.  Voter Beware!

During the last 50 years we’ve seen a downward spiral of our rights, our international reputation, our privacy, our freedoms and our solvency.  Both parties have had an adverse affect on the little guy and yet we continue to support them.  Complete insanity.

Our Incompetent-in-Chief

I was astounded that enough Americans were buffaloed into reelection Obama or as I like to say, just because everything has changed doesn’t mean anything is different!

His health plan is a nightmare already for many and costing full time jobs as employers rush to eliminate their requirement to offer insurance.

While our Tiger Woods wannabe president hacks up courses around the nation he seems to have forgotten his primary role was to fix the economy.  Despite the ‘feel good’ numbers coming out of Washington, most know the reality is more akin to the skewed inflation numbers DC spews forth which do not include spikes in food, fuel, and health care. [See the video clip below].

We need to collectively stop giving comfort and aid to the enemy of the people. If the income gap continues as it is, most absolutely agree that we need another revolution – that is why the federal government is arming all federal agencies from the postal service to even the Social Security Administration.  They know it wouldn’t take much to put us over the brink of social chaos.

Just like in the book 1984, we’re in a continual state of war[more often than not for profit motives] and many Americans have their heads so deeply buried in the sand that they already resemble the TV program The Walking Dead!


My motto is:  We don’t need another election, We need another Revolution!


Gallery: The states where income inequality is worst. Which states have the greatest income inequality? Movoto devised a formula to find out.

Early Responses from around the country…

This is a picture of a class-based society. Every country has its own definition of class. The British have birth and we have money. Anything can be bought and everything is for sale, including the courts, the government and the health care system. We indeed have the best system money can buy…Richard


It gets worse the more influence the global banking system has in America, Our companies are now global or globally owned with no allegiance to our nation, and lots of money to influence our servants who have become PROFESSIONAL politicians. We aren’t far from a class based society in many areas of …Wilma

Welcome to Michigan where our Gov.Snyder is talking about the big turnaround. Nonsense....He cut UE to 20 weeks during 8% UE which cut the amount of fed extensions when they were available. Cut the heck out of education programs like head start are almost into nonexistence. Keep the poor ignorant is always a good idea.....Gives huge tax breaks to his business buddies and we pick up the tab…WhoCares

The income inequality gap has widened considerably under Obama because of his Federal Reserve policies were necessary to “fund” Obama’s reckless and morally and fiscally insane federal spending. We’ve had Quantitative Easing, we’ve had QE2, we’ve had QE3, and now we’re at “QE Forever.” And these policies have basically arbitrarily added zeroes to the money supply computers…Frank


More Low-Paying Jobs Do Not a Recovery Make


China has now become the world's #1 Economy
thanks to our incompetent leaders!

Economics of revolution

Technological evolution has been parasitized by a .01% who cause average American families to devolve from an economy in the 1950’s and ‘60s where one adult wage-earner could successfully raise a family and gain wealth, to today’s economy where over 75% of two adult wage-earners struggle to raise a family and cannot gain wealth.

Excerpt of the first section from David’s book, The Economics of Revolution, with adaptions of Part 1 here, and Part 2 here:

An extensive analysis of economic conditions and government policy reveals that the need for significant systemic change is now a mathematical fact. Corruption, greed and economic inequality have reached a peak tipping point. Due to the consolidation of wealth, the majority of the population cannot generate enough income to keep up with the cost of living. In the present economy, under current government policy, 70% of the population is now sentenced to an impoverished existence.

Read the Rest Here:


Food Riots… Money Riots… and Social Breakdown

"Social breakdown could include riots, strikes, sabotage and other dysfunctions. It is distinct from social protest because disorder involves illegality, violence and property destruction. The disorder could be a reaction to extreme hyperinflation, which would widely and properly be seen as state-sanctioned theft.

"Social disorder could likely be accompanied by bankruptcies, unemployment and slashes to social welfare payments. Citizens will realize their wealth has disappeared into a fog of hacking, manipulation, bail-ins and confiscation. The official response will take the form of neo-fascism, the substitution of state power for liberty. This process is already well advanced in fairly calm times and will accelerate when violence erupts. 
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