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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Handling Stray Dogs, Do You Need Retail Therapy?


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"To err is human--to forgive, canine."


   There must be a telepathic network between animals where I live.

 Another stray dog found its way to our front door this week.  That’s the 4th one in the past six months.  Although she had a collar and appeared well cared for, no tags could be found.  I left messages on CraisgsList and at city hall, the police etc., but no one called for this sweet little dog.

Over the years I’ve had six horses, two goats, dozens of cats [including an old cranky, blind Siamese cat] and dogs which seemed to know we’d take care of them and not mistreat them.  I have to admit I like just about all animals and plan to create an animal rescue shelter when we’ve completed our mini-farm…just takes more and more money to accomplish such tasks!

The Poor Man’s wife worked on and off for more than a decade with veterinarians and particularly loves horses.  Here are a few tips on cutting pet care costs:


·         Leash, fence and supervise your pets.  Pets are most likely to sustain injuries or death when not contained.

·         Spay or neuter your pets – they have fewer health problems that way.

·         Find low cost services at vet schools, humane societies and at many pet stores.

·         Shop around for medications.  Sometimes your vet will have sample medications and often you can get the same prescription cheaper at a regular pharmacy.

·         Don’t buy pet insurance.  It is rarely worth the cost.  Instead, consider enrolling your pet in a discount wellness program such as those offered by Banfield, the Pet Hospital. or call: 866-277-7387


Finally, I believe most pet foods will prove nutritionally sound for your pet…my wife doesn’t agree and buys premium brands.  We both agree however on this…DO NOT BUY PRODUCTS FOR YOUR PET THAT HAVE BEEN MADE IN CHINA!

 P.S.  Please consider tagging or micro-chipping your pet.


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