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Monday, October 6, 2014

How to Heat a Small Room for Free. Mommy Survival Kit in a Jar, More!

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   I spent much of the weekend supervising the winterization of our cabin.  Since having surgery the previous week, I’m unable to use my left arm for much so our good friend Dave helped again, reminding me to put that old RV antifreeze into the toilet [having lived so long in AZ I forgot to do this last year and the toilet tank cracked].


Another friend is driving me to the doctor today for a follow-up visit since I’m still not allowed to drive…


I’m not looking forward to another hard winter! I can already see there will be plenty to do in the spring!


Although we use hot flashes from the Poor Man’s Wife to heat our home, you might find this useful…


How To Heat A Small Room For Free

With the days and nights getting cooler, heating your home can become incredibly expensive. Not only is it a drain on your bank account but also on the environment.

But we have a solution here for you which costs virtually nothing! If you have a small room which you need to heat, this clever life hack will make sure the room stays toasty without the huge cost.


IMPORTANT: It is imperative that this kind of heating method is never left unattended. Please do your full research on this method prior to trying it out and use common sense at all times!

The Skinny Witch shares her plan…

I love the power of Freecycle. I managed to get enough terracotta pots to make six large candle space heaters.

Now I made the mistake of using too many pots. With large ones on the outside, they were not as effective. So with a quick change out, we removed the largest pot and they performed perfectly.

Now I learned something else, you will get what I am talking about after watching these two videos. The first one is how to make the type seen above, with hardware, the second is how to make one without the hard ware. I have combined the two. If you build a smaller one with hardware, then put a larger one over top as in the second video, then the effects are even better at warming the air around you.   Read the rest here:


Another batch of home grown goodies for you!

With chickens in your backyard you'll never buy eggs again!
read more here

First Aid Supply Lists {6 Printables}









Find More DIY and Homemade ideas here:


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