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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

AmeriKans – IS there a plot against our Republic?

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   AmeriKans – IS there a plot against our Republic?

The popular TV series, The Americans, stems from the Cold War when the Soviets planted sleeper agents inside the United States. This is based on fact.  [I used to have a TSC and studied Russians when I was in the military].  I’m beginning to believe sleeper cells from the 1960s have taken over our schools in order to indoctrinate our young-just as Stalin, Mao and Hitler did…perhaps it is a case of something from sci-fi and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, where aliens substitute themselves for humans in order to take over the planet.

 No matter what, society in America has changed much during the past 20 years and many would argue not for the better.

When I was a kid, welfare and food stamps didn’t exist. Free meals weren’t given out at schools [we packed a lunch]. A lot of stigma was attached to having children out-of-wedlock…now welfare is freely given out no matter how many such babies are birthed regardless of marriage, subsidized [along with generous medical benefits that many wish they could afford] by taxpayers.

Since the radical ‘hippies’ of the 60s have become teachers, lawyers, government employees they have successfully indoctrinated our youth to the ways of Karl Marx, communism and socialism.  The results are evident-masses of younger people, poorly educated as to the benefits of capitalism, now want everything handed to them free of charge courtesy of socialist policies advocated by the current crop of Democratic hopefuls.  Of course, no one has a viable means of paying for such unrealistic programs such as free tuition, elimination of college debt, medicare for all, the Green ‘no’ Deal and so forth.


Years ago at Trump Tower, Donald told me:

“I think America is in financial trouble. I believe our government has been mismanaged. I’m afraid many of today’s middle class will become the new poor, or worse, slip into poverty, even after years of hard work.”

 Dems are statists [aka: socialists] Meaning they are pro-Nanny State and against individual rights, self reliance & independence.

They’ve been encroaching on our Constitution since FDR and have recently accelerated their efforts at converting our republic into another Soviet Union-and tyranny.

This isn’t about impeaching the “boogey man” it is about eliminating the far left socialist’s goal of a complete takeover of our nation.

Imagine if socialism were the law of the land [they’ve made a lot of progress; just look at our progressive tax system vs. a flat tax or national sales tax]…you wouldn’t be sipping your favorite coffee at Starbucks or using an I-Phone [made in Communist China] or have any private property!

To further their goal they need to get rid of the old guard, those of us such as Trump, who do not share the ideals of socialism; therefore, Democrat-Socialists launched a non-stop tirade and legal charade against POTUS. The far left press loves socialism just as much and has jumped on the ‘dump Trump’ bandwagon despite being caught with their collective pants down many times.  No one gives a damn about Middle America voters-we’re another fly in their ointment.  Trump is the most spied upon president in history.

Along the way of indoctrination of youth, traditional activities such as scouting and Junior Achievement have been watered down or eroded.  At one time I was a presenter of JA at area high schools during the years I owned a publishing venture; it was offered free of charge and a lot of schools at the time ran with our program [at 16, I as the area JA president].

Many non-profit groups such as the Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions Club and American Legion offer a variety of scholarships and activities for youth including scouting, aid for military families and so forth.

Groups such as these helped motivate and show young people how to be self sufficient.  The Far Left would rather everyone be subject to the Nanny State with an erosion of rights and liberties.

New York City used to be port of entry for those escaping Communism and socialist nations, seeking a chance to improve their lives and to make a living or to practice their religion without persecution.  I used to have an office in New York before Rudy Gulliani became mayor and it was not a pleasant city.   The city improved immensely under his stewardship but has since decline [trash and smelly subways plague this city] under its current socialist leadership and because of screwball taxes, many industries and wealthy folks are fleeing the state!

Respect for law enforcement has dropped drastically and school systems are being gutted with socialist agendas.

Socialist-Democrats are doing their best to gut our economy, bring back more rules, regulations and job growth strangling red tape.  They’ve launched an all out war on America using media comrades to take a wrecking ball to our republic to achieve their goal of a bigger Nanny State where individuals have fewer rights.

The agenda is highly apparent to anyone who is watching and listening…let’s face it, we’re a nation under siege!

The socialist zealots [the PC crowd & fake media] launched dishonest attacks on Trump-even before he even took office.
Yours in Freedom,

Bruce ‘the PoorMan’



But years from now, you'll remember what it was like to witness the death of the Republican Party.

You see, a strange force is building in America.

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I haven't seen this story covered anywhere in the mainstream press, but you can get the full story and details on how to prepare right here.

The deep state has a plan in place to literally "install" a new president this year, completely bypassing elections, debates and the rule of law.
Phase one of this plan has already been activated and is being run right now.
In today's article and video, I explain the six steps the deep state is pursuing to defeat America and turn our nation into an authoritarian dictatorship modeled after communist China.

The Radical Left-Something to Behold!

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Bob said...

Demo-rats, regressives, socialists or whatever they're calling themselves now have become a real danger to our country. I believe our commander-in-chief is the only obstacle they have, which is why they have launched non-stop attacks on him, his family and supporters. Damn disgusting. I fought the Communists in Viet Nam and they seem no different here in America, rotting our nation.

Dave said...

Given the unrelenting, baseless attacks on Trump by those so-called Dems, I do believe their goal is to take over the nation and gut our freedoms. Since FDR's 'New Deal' they've slowly but surely injected socialism into our lives. Now, they think they have nothing to lose, that they've indoctrinated enough young idiots to support them, that they might succeed in over throwing our nation.

Larry said...

Trump has upset the apple cart of the power elite in DC; one reason why they attack him non-stop. Voters elected him because of this, not because he’s a career politician who edits every word they utter in order to be politically correct. That’s why he’ll win 2020.

Don said...

Great analogies and I certainly share your concerns about the state of affairs in DC-corrupt politicians everywhere and many of us feel helpless at reigning in these idiots. Like you, we've written our Dem reps and got zero response-they don't care about those who they supposedly represent.

Lucy Y. said...

I find this country becoming a very scary place!